Regarding his work creation as one method to trace society, he conducts presentations that focus on visuals, three-dimensional objects, and installations. By accumulating the pieces of information that don’t remain in the memories scattered about everyday life, he sheds light on internalized norms and visions of society that have not been seen.
In this exhibition, he will be exhibiting his new work The Dive, a multi-channel video installation that filmed scenery with multiple cameras attached to the creator’s body, as well as his 2009 work The city as seen through the eyes of a cat, a visual work that filmed the city with a camera attached to a pet cat.
Exhibition Information
title: “ The Dive-Methods to trace a city ”
artist: Yushi Yashima

Exhibition Period : Tue 22 Sept. – Sat 3 Oct., 2015
12:00-19:00, 18:00 on Sun.
12:00-22:00 Last day.
*closed on Mon.

Venue: galerie 16