I consider the walls of my room to be the boundary separating private and public. After tracing the walls of my room from the private side in silicon rubber, I reconstructed them in a public space where the general public can see them. Like an empty shell, the thin, silicon film that was pulled from the inner side allows people to imagine the person that lives within that private boundary. By looking at a room of someone’s inverted private space from the outside, viewers from the general public will think about the private space that they have. At this time, you could say that the work becomes a mirror that reflects the experience (interior) of the viewer.



Year: 2007
Technique and Medium: silicon rubber, wood, mirror

2007    Ko-bo Kyoto Art center 2007 (publicly sponsored exhibitions Kyoto Art Center 2007) – Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto
2009    Perception and Urban Environments – Tokyo Wonder Site-Hongo, Tokyo

2007  Selected for The publicly sponsored exhibitions Kyoto Art Center (Jury President: Kiyokazu Washida)