Personal information

Name: Yushi Yashima[Artist / specialize in Media arts]

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Country of birth

Kobe, Japan


2008 – 2010 Institute of Advanced Media arts and Sciences

Master in Media Art

Place: Gifu, Japan

2002 – 2006 Kyoto University Art & DesignSciences

Bachelor in Image Arts

Place: Kyoto, Japan

Relevant professional experience

Solo exhibitions

2015 「The Dive ‒ Methods to trace a city」[Galerie16, Kyoto, Japan]

2012 「formless works」[Nagoya University project gallery 「clas」, Nagoya, Japan]

2012 「formless works」[Gallery N-mark B1, Nagoya, Japan]

2012 「formless works」[GALLERY 9, Kyoto, Japan]

2010 「disappearance」 [“CUBIC”gallery ITEZA, Kyoto, Japan]

2006 「Na:resound」 [Shinanobashi Garo, Osaka, Japan]

2005 「Light Filter Wall」[“CUBIC”gallery ITEZA, Kyoto, Japan]

Group exhibitions

2016 「LOVE LOVE SHOW The Second」[Aomori Museum of Art, Aomori, Japan]


2015 「OGAKI Biennale 2015」[Ogaki, Gifu, Japan]

2015 「Namazu festival 2015」[Hashima, Gifu, Japan]

2013 「Behavior Model」[OTA FINE ARTS, Tokyo, Japan]

2012 「The 11th Gunma Biennale For Young Artists」[The Museum of Modern Art Gunma, Gunma, Japan]

2011 「DONATIONS!!」[GURA, Kyoto, Japan]

2010 「OGAKI Biennale 2010」 [Ogaki, Gifu, Japan]

2010 「video relay 2010」[MUZZ PROGRAM SPACE, Kyoto, Japan]

2010 「art award tokyo marunouchi 2010」[Gyoko-dori Underground Gallery, Tokyo, Japan]

2009 「Perception and Urban Environments」[Tokyo Wonder Site, Hongo, Tokyo, Japan]

2009 「no name」[Kyu-Rissei Syougakkou(Old-Rissei Elementary School), Kyoto,Japan ]

2008 「KAVC Project ‒ 1floor 2008 “no potato of name”」 [ Kobe Art Village Center, Kobe, Japan]

2007 「Ko-bo Kyoto Art center 2007(publicly sponsored exhibitions Kyoto Art Center 2007)」[Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, Japan]

2006 「9th Japan Media Arts Festival」 [Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo, Japan]

2004 「BIWAKO Biennale 2004」[Shiga, Japan]


2012 First prize [The11th Gunma Biennale For Young Artists],Japan

2006 honorable mention [11th Campus Genius Award(was called Computer Graphics Contest)], Japan

2007 Selected for The publicly sponsored exhibitions「Kyoto Art Center 2007」(Jury President: Kiyokazu Washida), Japan

Scholarship Awards

2008 Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences Special Award (Prefecture award) [Sponsor: Gifu Prefecture]

Article and Review

Sep.26, 2015 「The Kyoto Shimbun, Morning edition」

Dec.19, 2012 「The Mainichi Newspapers, Evening edition」

Feb.04, 2012 「The Kyoto Shimbun, Morning edition」

Sep.06, 2008 「The Mainichi Newspapers, Morning edition」

Sep.01, 2008 「Kobe Shimbun, Morning edition」

Jul. 2007 「sculpture vol.26 July / August」[words: Kazuko Nakane]

Apr.2007 「BIJUTSUTECHO vol.59 No.893 April」[words:Takafumi Kobuki]

Feb.08, 2007 「Asahi Shimbun, Morning edition」

Feb.2007 「Pia-Kansai 3.1 Issue」

Work Experience

2011 ~ 2017    Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Researcher of Research Center for Industrial Culture

2006 ~ 2008 Kyoto Seika University, Technical Staff of Media Center

Teaching Experience

2017 ~ Present Part-time Lecturer of KOBE DESIGN UNIVERSITY[Center for Liberal Arts]

2016 ~ Present Part-time Lecturer of AICHI UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS[Department of  Design & Craft, Design Course]

2015 ~ 2016      Part-time Lecturer of DAIDO UNIVERSITY[Department of Information Design, Media Design Course]