This work is one where, after covering the objects around me with cloth, I harden the cloth with resin, preserving and drawing out the shape of the covered objects. Semi-transparent cloths with nothing under them make the viewer aware of that cloth’s interior. By manipulating (covering) the surface of the object that will become the motif with cloth, I erase the information of that motif. The viewer will create an image of the interior of the cloth from looking at the remaining fragmented outline. That is very close to the action and sensation of mundanely looking at things or gazing at something as if you were passing an outline with an ambiguous meaning.



Year: 2010
Technique and Medium: cloth, epoxy resin

2010   「art award tokyo marunouchi 2010」 行幸地下ギャラリー〈東京〉
2010   「disappearance」 立体ギャラリー射手座〈京都〉