Yushi Yashima


Jun 25, 2023

Light Filter Wall

An installation
Technique & Medium
Straw, Fluorescent light, Insect
Variable size
2005 Light Filter Wall (Solo Exhibition), “CUBIC” gallery ITEZA, Kyoto
2005 個展「Light Filter Wall」立体ギャラリー射手座(京都)

This work was created with the objective of making the relationship of the gaze of the subject “watching” and the subject “being watched” ambiguous. The work is a number of straws lined up side-by-side and stacked into a pyramid state, and in the straws of that pyramid there are bugs that are the “subject being watched” and fluorescent lights to illuminate them. Fluorescent lights are also similarly set up around the work, and fluorescent lights are additionally set up so that they surround the exhibition space. The viewer “subject watching” looking at the bugs in the pyramid state work “subject being watched” is also changed into a “subject being watched” due to the fluorescent lights, and if you were to look at the exhibition space from the outside, the space itself would change from “subject watching” to “subject being watched.”


 〈見る〉と〈見られる〉主体と対象の視線の関係を、曖昧にする。作品は、平行に並べられたストローをピラミッド状に組み上げ、その内側に〈見られる対象〉となる昆虫と対象を照らす蛍光灯を設置した。同様に作品の周りにも蛍光灯を設置し、さらに展示空間全体を囲むように同じ蛍光灯を設置した。ピラミッド状の作品の内側にある〈見られる対象〉としての昆虫を見つめる鑑賞者〈見る主体〉も、その外 側の蛍光灯により〈見られる対象〉へと変化し、さらに展示空間そのものが外側から覗けば〈見る主体〉から〈見られる対象〉へと変化する。