I shoot living people, towns and landscapes using 3D scanner that can record subjects as moving images with time axis. In order to consciously grasp the days that pass, I symbolically treated uncountable things and acts, such as crowds, nature, everyday life, narrowing the motif of the work to “flow”.

In the shooting, I set the 3D scanner in the front, back, left and right 4 directions of the body and scanned the world centered on me. In the exhibition space, while maintaining the relationship between the position and the time of the 3D scanner at the time of shooting, projected on the wall of the venue as four connected images. Besides, do not conscious regularly such as living acts that you do without consciously doing, such as withdrawing money from ATM, placing toothpaste on a toothbrush, dried worker`s shoes, storefront  a banner(Flag) in the wind The scenery is inserted as images of only two screens or one screen.

Scan to extract daily void. The scanned 3D mesh is saved in the machine as digital data while keeping the ambiguous surface contour. We live on a daily basis wrapped in thousands of passing things, overlooked things. The world is buried by many void spaces. When we go back to the memory of the past, we can only follow the superficial outline. The ambiguous surface memory of the world scanned by the machine overlaps with the memory of the world that we perceived. The view from the center of the exhibition is the scenery which I see from my body in absence.

Title | SCAN

Year | 2017

Genre | An installation

Technique & Medium | 3D Scanning, 4-channel Full HD video

Duration | 15min

Dimensions | Variable size ( in this Exhibition Space-17m×10m×12m)

Artist | Yushi Yashima

Technical Cooperation | Shogo Tanaka,Mitsuru Tokisato(TOKISATO PLAYER)

Photo | ©Daisaku OOZU


[SCAN]Projection for front screen

[SCAN]Projection for right screen

[SCAN]Projection for back screen

[SCAN]Projection for left screen